Thursday, August 18 2016
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Hello there,
i just got an email from you guys that Dropbox now works integrated with Dropfiles and I am super hyped about that.
You are doing such a nice job on this extension!
I was wondering if it would be a thing to make the same thing for Owncloud also?
Is this a planned feature in upcoming releases? That would make Dropfiles complete and perfect for me.

Kind regards
6 years ago

Thanks for adding your feature request here. We’ll keep that in mind for a future release!

Just as info the next version will include a notification system then we go the OneDrive integration (used in a lot of companies with the office licence).
Owncloud would be a good option of course, stay tuned.

6 years ago
up up up
Good Idea!

I Like Owncloud! :)
6 years ago
hehe. thx @4Bweb. i think so obviously think so myself. maybe they find the time soon to get this integration going :)
anyway those guys are awesome. i'd buy all those extensions if I had the money ;)
6 years ago
owncloud now is nextcloud( and all features is open source,when you add this feature you will help alot because you have implement dropbox and gdrive,but is not encrypted and it should be.

by having nextcloud implementation you solve alot of problems like :

1)instead of adding all external drivers providers witch can take alot of time,you just implement nextcloud,and you have on the go all kinds of storages from all kinds of providers,you win time and you reduce development cost,as nextcloud is open source and alot of people work on it and release new features,external providers you have all things in by implementing nextcloud

2)by nextcloud,your data is safe and encrypted,i don t think you would like google or dropbox looking at your personal files and pictures,if its not encrypted they can do that,via nextcloud that problem of privacy is solved too

when this is going to be done and be available,i will certainly buy it and i m sure others will too.
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