Monday, July 08 2013
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Hey there,

it would be nice if the attachment of an article would be visible all the time, even if there is a readmore section.
My default layout puts the attachment to the end of the article and therefore it is now no longer visible on the main page when there is a readmore section splitting the article.

Dropfiles add a "div" to display files so if your dropfiles file or category is before the read more it should be OK.
Sometimes the problem came from the template that is cleaning HTML code ;)

Hi Tristan and thanks for your reply,

sorry for the delay, somehow I missed it.

I agree with you that the file content would be visible when I insert it above the read more marker.
However we bought Dropfiles to replace our current plugin which is called simply 'Attachments' ( This plugin kind of has two different display styles depending whether there is a read more marker present or not.

If there is no such marker present, it always inserts the attachment at the very bottom of the message.
But if there is such a marker present, the attachment is displayed right above the "read more" marker on the front page, where the text is stripped, but at the very bottom again in the full article view.

I'm missing this distinction since I do not want to insert the file download section in the middle of the article whenever there is so much text that I have to use the read more marker.

If you want to, I can provide you with a sample link to an article on my homepage where you can see the problem described.

Best regards,

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