Saturday, April 09 2016
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When viewing a List Files menu item, there is no ability to add files to the list. Only to download. It would be great if users who had the permissions to add files could only download files, but also add them to the same category they are viewing. Otherwise, they have to exit and go to a different menu item to manage files and make a new one.

In the next version we have planned to add a form to upload files in a predefined category.
This is not exactly the same but it could help.

Though this is a good idea as an improvement, I keep it in mind.

5 years ago
+1 for this feature. Simplify the upload feature by allowing users to drag and drop right into the category they are viewing. Would be brilliant:)
5 years ago
+2 for this feature. It would be a much simpler and convenient mode for uploading.
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