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  2. Feature ideas for Dropfiles
  3. Thursday, January 11 2018
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We'd like to be able to add folders/categories directly within an existing tree.

The "New Category" button at the top of Dropfiles creates new folders only at the top/root level of the structure (right at the bottom of the page, far from the position required in the tree) - it would be great to provide a way to add new folders at the appropriate point in the tree - currently it is very difficult, cumbersome and prone to error to drag and drop tens of new files from the very bottom of the screen to the correct point within each subtree. Our existing tree structure is quite broad and deep (many top level folders, each with it's own subtree).

A solution may be to a button to each category to "Create a subfolder/subcategory" at any level? Or, clicking New Category would create a (sub)category at whichever level in the tree was currently selected/highlighted.

Arguably this is standard way of editing tree structures.
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This would be indeed a good idea. We have the plan to implement a right click action like in Google drive.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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hi, we agree to FrancisJames request, we need this feature!! :D
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