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  3. Saturday, April 25 2020
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I get an error message "this block has encountered an error and cannot be previewed" for the advanced table block when I open a blog post submitted by the contributors in my site (the posts are in pending review mode when they submit).

I sticked with Gutenberg default table block because of this issue a year ago. When I thought that this issue has fixed by the developers and installed your plugin today, the issue still exists. Please fix it and let me know.

You can add a new user to your test site, add a table block on the user's accounts. Then, open the post from the admin account to replicate the issue.:)
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Thanks for contacting us here about this extension.

Yes, we got the issue that will be fixed in the future version.

Thanks a lot!
Kind regards,
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Thanks for the reply. Please inform me after you roll out the update with the fix.

Also, I have another suggestion. For a custom theme, we need to apply padding to the table to make the spacing like in the default Gutenberg table. Will you please work on this and inherit the padding from the default wp table block? Added padding makes the code lengthy and it's time-consuming to apply the padding time and again.

Pravesh Khanal
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Also, another suggestion: When we select the table with stripes and no border, only the front-end design changes. It is great to inherit this thing from the default table block where the backend/ Gutenberg editor design is the same as the front-end. Please test this thing with the Gutenberg table block and advanced Gutenberg table block; you will understand what I mean.

Pravesh Khanal
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