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RGPD Information

What are the data collected?

To deliver the services requested by users, JoomUnited keeps the following member information:

  • Username given upon registration
  • Name given upon registration
  • Email given upon registration
  • Password (encrypted) given upon registration
  • Private support ticket posted (if any)
  • Membership payment information send by Paypal & Stripe (if any)
  • IP of connection to our website collected for 1 year
  • Website url (if you use the extension automatic updater, or translation tool)


Ask for data modification or removal

  • Information such as Username, Name, Email or Password can be modified through your account settings
  • If you want to remove your account or any other data please along with all the other information mentioned above please use the form below


Account removal alert: The account removal is definitive and final. We will remove all your data mentioned above including invoices and payment proof.


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