Google Drive Joomla file manager

The Dropfiles Google Drive feature is the possibility to connect and synchronize the Joomla file manager with the cloud services offered by Google Drive. Google Drive connection offers a two-way synchronization for all your files. What's more, Dropfiles offers a full Dropbox integration as well!

Manage files: from Google Drive to Joomla + Dropfiles

Once you've connected the extension with Google Drive you'll be able to manage files in your Google Drive and automatically have them synchronized on your Joomla website.



By extension you can even use the Google Drive's desktop software with your file browser to add/remove/manage your Joomla files.



Each category of files in Dropfiles is represented by a folder in Google Drive and a root folder with the name of the website that is connected. It also means that you can have both your local server files and Google Drive ones stored without any problems!



Manage files: from Joomla + Dropfiles to Google Drive

The synchronization works both ways, which means that you can upload files in Dropfiles (our Joomla extension) and then access and manage these files from Google Drive. This is perfect if you're looking to sync a large amount of files or to give a client access to a file category without giving access to Joomla administration panel.



What elements are synchronized by Dropfiles?

The Google Drive - Dropfiles two-way synchronization includes:

  • All files format allowed in Dropfiles and Google drive
  • File name
  • File description
  • File creation date
  • File update date
  • Google Drive folder or subfolder position
  • Google Drive folder or subfolder add, rename and remove actions


How does the connection works?

Don't worry, you don't need have to be a developer to ensure the connection works :) All you have to do is create a Google App (free of charge) to get an ID and password then login to your Google account from the plugin. There are several sync methods that fit different server requirements, such as AJAX sync, Curl or Cron tasks optionally available from Dropfiles configuration. You can also setup a sync delay or force the sync manually by clicking on a dedicated button. Finally there's also the online documentation and our support team is available to help you with all your needs.


Google Drive integration features:

  • Upload files in Joomla and find them in Google drive
  • Upload files in Google Drive and find them in Joomla
  • Upload file from desktop using Google Drive sync tool
  • Manage Google Drive folders as category of files
  • Define AJAX sync periodicity
  • Delete/Update files everywhere
  • File preview
  • Google doc preview and download (if allowed)
  • Google Drive file indexation for a faster display



Google Drive integration demo