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WP Table Manager Developer Documentation


This documentation will help experienced developers to plug any other service with our plugin. Here are all actions and filters for this plugin, if you need some more, feel free to ask by using this for dedicated forum. Thanks for using our plugin!


Filters hook changer sync_periodicity option

Parameters :

object $config option config table

Return :


In files :

app/autoload.php line 103



composer logo Here is the solution to use our plugins as a composer dependency.
You have to declare in your composer.json file the joomunited repository, please make sure to replace the YOUR_TOKEN in the url by your own token. You can find it under under the Composer token accordion.

Set Update key programmatically with WP CLI

Use the same key you used for the composer installation and execute this composer command to set the update token
wp option update ju_user_token "YOUR_TOKEN"