WP Table Manager: Parameters


To access the WP Table Manager, go in WP Table Manager > Configuration




As option you can define at Main Settings tab:

  • Enable Import/Export Excel button
  • Export file format: Select the Excel format when running an export of the table
  • Synchronization delay: Define the delay for the automatic sheet synchronization between WP Table Manager and Excel or Google Sheets
  • Table auto save: Enable the auto save or activate a manual saving button
  • Sync method: use AJAX or Crontab url
  • Edit table in a new tab: Open the table in a new tab if it is enabled
  • Load the plugin on frontend: Load WP Table Manager required files to edit tables on frontend (from a text editor for example). If this feature is not required, keep it disabled to save server resources
  • Alternate color sets: available to style your data
  • Cell highlighting: Activate a color on cell mouse over to see on a first sight a cell content
    • Highlight background color
    • Highlight font color
    • Highlighting opacity
  • Delete all files on uninstall: Caution! If set to Yes, on plugin uninstall all the data will be removed




And some other options at Format tab.

  • Currency symbol(s)
  • Symbol position
  • Decimal symbol
  • Decimal count
  • Thousand symbol
  • Date formats