WP Table Manager: Excel & Google Sheets Sync

1. Sync a table with an Excel file data

It is possible to run a synchronization between a table you've created and an Excel file located on your server (anywhere). From the right tab named "Table", at the bottom you got a block to link an Excel file to the table.



If you click on the Browse button, you'll be able to select an Excel anywhere on your server, here it's a file uploaded through the media manager (/uploads folder).




Once your Excel file is linked to the table, you can hit the Fetch data button to import data from the Excel file.

Note: Only the data will be taken from Excel, not the styles, so the global style of your table will remain untouched on import.




Warning: depending of your memory available on your server, you won't be able to import very large Excel files (more than 1000 rows for example)

Then here is the result of a data import.




2. Synchronization with Google Sheets

WP Table Manager also offers some Google Sheets synchronization possibility. Your Google sheet has to be published to be synchronized. So first, open your sheet fromm Google Drive and publish it as web page using the File menu.




Then you'll get access to the Google Sheets file link, copy this link.




And paste into WP Table manager "Table" tab




You're done! You can now fetch data for an instant synchronization and run an automatic synchronization too. The fetch style option is in case you also want to get Google Sheets spreadsheets styles.


3. Automatic Excel and Google Sheets sync

Above the file link you can also activate an automatic synchronization. WP Table Manager will fetch the data automatically at a regular interval.

Once it's activated a notification is displayed after the table title.




The synchronization delay can be set in the WP Table Manager global configuration.




Note: When you import excel files or sync data from Google sheet, the link will be valid if you use the function: =HYPERLINK()
E.g:  =HYPERLINK("https://joomunited.com", "Joomunited")