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WP Table Manager: Chart From Tables

1. Create a table with data

Since version 2.0 you have now the possibility to add charts inside your content. First, create a table with data to generate a chart. 




You can also select two or more separate columns using Control (Windows)/Command (Mac) to create a new chart.




Then make your selection in order to generate a chart, here all the table is selected, click on Menu Chart > Create chart from data button.




A chart will be generated, respecting the data range you’ve selected. On the right part, you can select a chart type. You can generate as graph as you need from a data set.




The graph will be dynamically updated regarding the data change in the table. 

Or you can click on Menu Chart > View existing charts button if you already created charts.


2. Graph parameters

Once your graph is added you have some options on the right column.




  • Chart types: 6 sample charts are included.
  • Select Range: your data area on the table.
  • The “Switch row/column” is only available if you have selected only numbers in the dataset. You’ll be allowed to switch data from col to row.
  • Shortcode: chart shortcode you can insert in editor.

Custom axis data

In this Custom axis data section, you can select row/column following the settings above.



  • Series: Select rows/columns to display 
  • X-axis
    • Select row/column
    • Use selected row/column as X-labels 
    • Use first row/column as chart data
  • Y-axis
    • Major step
    • Min Value of Y-axis

Data series color

In this section, you can select colors for columns and rows.





In the Configuration section, you can adjust some styles of the chart.




  • Chart legend display: Show/hide the legend above the chart.
  • Custom legend text: Edit the text of the legend.
  • Chart width/Chart height: set width/height for a chart.
  • Align chart: Select the position to display on frontend.