WP Table Manager: Chart From Tables

1. Create a table with data

Since the version 2.0 you have now the possibility to add charts inside your content. First create a table with data to generate chart.




Then make you selection in order to generate chart, here all the table is selected, click on Add chart button.




A chart will be generated, respecting the data range you’ve selected. On the right part you can select the table type. You can generate as graph as you need from a data set.




The graph will be dynamically updated regarding the data change in the table.


2. Graph parameters

Once your graph is added you have some options on the right column.



The “Switch row/column” is only available is you have selected only numbers in the dataset. You’ll be allowed to switch data from col to row.

The “Use first row/column as labels” param allows you to add label to your graph




Then you have options to set width/height, align, color to your chart.