WP Media Folder Gallery Addon: Common Use

1. Add gallery to a post or page

In order to add galleries to a post or page, you need to click the Add Media button in the Editor. The WP Media Folder Gallery's main view appears, from where you can choose the gallery. Next, press the Insert button.




The gallery will be shown in the editor as a dark grey area.




Save your content and the gallery should be displayed on the public part.
The first time you insert your gallery in your content, you need to save your content. 
If you click on WP Media Folder Gallery's dark grey area in your editor, then click again the Edit button, you’ll simply open back your gallery for further changes.

Then save your page or post... and you're done - you've added a gallery!




There are 2 options while inserting a gallery:

  • Gallery navigation: Load gallery tree navigation
  • Display images tags: Display image tags as display filter




You can access the galleries from the menu Media > Media Folder Galleries.





The main view of WP Media Folder Gallery will be appear.





From here you can add a new gallery. The images themselves can be imported directly from Wordpress or uploaded from your computer. You can select a theme and a parent gallery. To finish, click the Save button.




Alternatively, create a gallery from a folder in WP Media Folder. To do this, click the Gallery From Folder button, then choose the folders and theme for it and press the Create button.




You can edit image information from the gallery, including WordPress SEO information. You can also define specific internal or external links along with image tags.






You can show your galleries in Gutenberg editor now.

In order to display a gallery in Gutenberg editor, clicking on the WPMF Galleries Addon button in the Common Blocks category. Then you can click on Load Media Folder Gallery button and pick a Gallery.