WP File Download: Themes

1. Included themes

Themes can be applied per category or defined in the global configuration, it’s up to you. Go in the WP File download plugin and click on Configuration menu > Main Setting > Frontend tab.

If you select Theme per category to “No” the default theme defined below will be loaded in all categories of files.




In this case, the default theme settings defined on the right side will be loaded.




If you select “Yes” the themes can be changed in each category with all options. This is not recommended if multiple users have admin access to category.





Default theme preview



Tree theme preview




GDD theme preview



Table theme preview




2. Custom icon

From WP File download Main settings > Frontend tab, you also have an option to activate the possibility of defining a custom icon per file. It's pretty handy to display an overview of the doc for example.




3. Create your own theme

WP File Download allows the creation of custom themes. From the Configuration > Clone Theme, you can duplicate a theme based on an existing model.




Once your theme is created you'll have a new theme folder added on your server and the theme will be added in WP File Download configuration




The location of the new theme folder where you can edit file theme is: /wp-content/uploads/wpfd-themes/.

From version 4.3.28, new clone themes are stored at /wp-content/wp-file-download/themes/




Your new themes won't be touched on plugin update. If you want to remove a theme, just remove the theme folder from your server.

When a custom theme is removed, if some file categories are using it, there's an automatic process to fallback to the default WP File Download theme

4. File category multiple downloads 

First, you need to enable Download category option in WP File Download > Configuration > Main Setting > Frontend tab.




Then you will see Download all button above each category in the frontend.




Note: It does not work with the Cloud categories.

5. File selection download

First, you should enable Download file selection option at WP File Download > Configuration > Main Setting > Frontend tab.




On frontend, you can select some files, then click on Download selected button.




Note: It does not support downloading files from Cloud server.