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  2. Pres-sale questions about WP File Download
  3. Tuesday, June 27 2017
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Well designed plugin, appears to be a nearly perfect fit for our site, however I can't determine if you support multiple file upload and download? our customers will only be pushing and pulling hundreds of files at once, and it's not clear if that is supported?

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Regarding the upload yes, you can upload multiple files at once, the only limit would be your server (usually some php.ini values), not the plugin.
The file download action can only be done one by one on frontend, if that's the question?. The possibility to download all the files from a category is planned but not released yet.

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yes that is the question; we are a service company, after we modify the customers files, they will download the entire folder/folder structure/file set from the front end. so if it is limited to single file download, it won't work for us :(
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