Saturday, December 07 2019
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Hi together... is it possible to hide the real download link (https://www.mywebsite/secretfolder/
In the demo it is possible to see the real file path while doing a mouse-over or looking in the network scanner form chrome or firefox. This would make it possible to share the "real file link" and bypass WP File Download Plugin.

Hope someone knows more :)

Thank you a lot!
more than a month ago

The link you see is not the actual real file path, this is one of the main feature of WP File Download, restrict file access.
Access control is checked for each download depending on the configuration you have set for the file.
The link you see is generated by WP File Download depending on the name you give to the file. When using this link WP File Download convert it internally and serve the content of the actual file.

The actual folder containing the files is protected from all direct access, and real file path in the server is created with random numbers so that it's nearly impossible to guess a file actual path.

Best regards
more than a month ago
Thank you a lot for your fast response! :)

I tried a few things today. I limited the download link to be visible just for a single Wordpress user. But when i copy the link to an other webbrowser that is not logged in the file is still possible to load.

Example "file direct link":

If i use an other webbrowser that is not logged in into wordpress, the file is not visible in the directory view theme (thats cool) - but when i copy the "file direct link" the file is still downloadable.

I guess i set up a setting wrong?

Thank you a lot for your time!!!!

more than a month ago
If the file is set as private and you share the download link (not the preview link, there is also an access check but things are handled a bit differently) this should not happen.

Please open a support ticket here, our support team will help you to sort it out.

Best regards
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