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  Sunday, December 10, 2023
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Hi, I am using SEO Glossary for some 8 years. My IT is upgrading to J4, I am parallel considering of buying the new version of SEO Glossary. I am generally very happy with it. However, a new SEO guy just mentioned that my glossary harms my SEO rates because of too many "thin pages" -- i.e. glossary items. I have been using your app exclusively to define acronyms in the mouse shadow. BeschV is to show in the mouse shadow "Beschäftigungsverordnung / Ordinance on the Employment of Foreigners". As a rule and relating to how I imagine to use it, this will be the only use: explaining acronyms on hover over. Do you have a solution?
5 months ago
glad you used seo glossary for so long time.
we are super happy with this.I hope you can review us on JED highlighting our features.
seoglossary is more focus on generating back link through glossary description which is important for lot of seo website.
But as seo expert has suggestion for specific use case like your yes this is possible as we cover this option years ago
this will be the only use: explaining acronyms on hover over.
please go to seo glossary configuration and there select tab tooltip display there you find option
Don't link to the glossary
please set this to yes.
that way it will cover.if you still had any issue please create ticket and we will check for you.
5 months ago
Thanks so much for your response. However, I do not see what you are mentioning because my version is from 2015... This incident tells me two things, do an annual check on any installed app whether the developer has made some serious or for me relevant updates, and then install it. Once my current website is updated to J4, I will make sure to not only install the newest version but pay for it. Thanks so much for your response. You sure made me my day that I do not have to develop some kind of replacement.
5 months ago
@ AvE
Glad that feature helped you to fix the issue.
Feel free if you need anything else form Our end.
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