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  3. Thursday, July 14 2016
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I have an install that has MyMapsLocation installed. I want to leverage the search engine to return the closest record entry from an specified address that is entered into a form. All we need is the distance to the nearest.

Is the search engine able to return the value/result without having it mapped graphically etc?. I just need a result which we are using for another plugin.

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Thanks for contacting us here.
Yes, you can see the result ordering from the nearest place.
The results will show like following this link:

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As you have purchased extension please create a ticket support so I can check the issue
If you have any screenshot or html please provide us and all other information that you have
Also extension must save latitude and longitude
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I think the question was misinterpreted.

I just want to leverage the functionality of the module, for another function. Currently the search works as it should and I can limit the results by using

<input type="hidden" name="radius" id="radius" value="-1">
<input type="hidden" name="limit" value="1">

But i dont want a page to be generated, created or shown. I just want the distance to the first record returned as a value.

Trying to use the module as a function so I can get a distance value.
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