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  3. Friday, December 19 2014
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Is it possible to add custom fields, like mailadress, phone number to My Maps Location?

I know there is an textfield, but i want to import like 200 dresses with phone number, mail addresses, contact adress etc.

Hope this is a function that MY Maps Location has.
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phone number is currently present in my map location.
for adding mail address you can have contact link and in that you can write mailto:mail.com so it will auytomotically mail as well.
Import function work good for lot of clients so i think it will gonna work for you as well.
still if you facing any issue please drop us ticket so we will help you to fix the issues.
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Sounds great, how about zip code, city,and street address, are they in separate fields?
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Yes they are seperate feilds.
please look at screenshot of fields in backend.
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