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Think my question is simple if I have understood your description.
Basically need a coloured map of England (but all UK would do) which identifies every county. A pop-up giving info with URL link(s) for more info. Also a marker map with county boundaries shown with same sort of pop-up.
Hi Colin,

Yes you can colorize each "province" (name of province isnot appropriate in UK I guess) and add a link or an HTML sidebar description (new feature).
No problem too to display the same map with marker and same boundaries.

9 years ago
Thanks for response. Perhaps I should explain better. England in UK is split into around 40 counties. It is these that I want to show. There seems to be a google maps definition and I think perhaps your software uses the google stuff. I have attached a couple of image files. The gif shows county boundaries and markers. My main interest is the county boundaries. The other one is, I think, a google derived map. There seems to be some 'kml' files (?).

7 years ago
Colin, Hi

By any chance did you find a UK county map for Joomla?

I could really do with one!

Thank you, kind regards
7 years ago
In the end I took a copy of an SVG one and made it operate in Joomla. Please see attached pics. The map is interactive so if you hover over a County it changes colour as in the second pic. If you click it takes you to a page specific to that county. In my case it was County Associations of Parish and Town Councils. You can also add annotation. The code is pure SVG so it is a bit hard and is not user friendly to change, but it works. There are a couple of minor 'bugs' in some offshore islands are not filled in but I got fed up with locating them in the main contour set.
And as I was concentrating on the map itself I wrote the code directly into the page itself!!! It should of course be in a module (or plugin) but I did not get round to doing it. So if you are still interested I will send it on an as is basis directly to you. Maybe your interest will spark me into doing more!!

5 years ago
Hi there guys,

Can someone confirm to me that the United Kingdom custom vector map view allows to highlight/colorise the England region, Ireland Region etc. and also respectively add markers. Here's what I've got so far, unfortunately it didn't let me colorise any of the countries even tho I used the upper case codes from ISO-3166-2:GB.

Also if you know how to lock the zoom option so that I can only display England but again having the markers/location dots
displaying that will be greatly appreciated.

Gem-A Team
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