Tuesday, March 07 2017
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I am considering to buy your maps extension. I have a few presale questions for really know if this will work for me. I give you a hint on my setup:
I am using latest joomla 3.6.5 in a bootstrap 3 frontend. I have a dinamically generated KML for another extension wich I want to show in your extension. My questions are:

a) Does your extension support KML files with placemarks?

b) Can I have a responsive map using your extension?

c) I want to put the map inside a collapsed Bootstrap 3 div.

When I use my own code I normally use this lines to load the google map after “show collapse”:

jQuery(‘#map’).on('shown.bs.collapse', function(e){

Can I do the same in any way with your map extension? Or you have a another way to do it?

d) Can I use map styles with your extension?

e) Can I style the infowindow / balloons with your extension?

Thank you so much for your dedication and time!
5 years ago
Thank you for your question.
Let me try to respond
1.kml is supported through import export.
2.if the template is responsive yes our extension will perfectly fit.
3. There is function reinitialize there you out component name id with underscore and it all works well.
4.we have lot of style available so you can style if you want.
5 you can put any ballon you want.
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