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  Friday, February 16 2018
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Hi there,

I am considering purchasing Droppics, but I have a question about a specific feature.

I want to (re)create the image-gallery as seen here:, specifically multiple image sliders in one article without any popups or lightbox-effects.

It would be great if I could upload for instance 10 pictures, add them easily to one slideshow and add that slideshow to the image-page with a simple text-insert like {gallery}newpictures{/gallery} (or something similar).

The article would then look like this:
{gallery}newpictures1{/gallery} {gallery}newpictures2{/gallery}
{gallery}newpictures4{/gallery} {gallery}newpictures5{/gallery}

Ofcourse it would be even better if all of this was automated :)

Is this possible with Droppics?

Kind regards,


This is definitely something you can do with Droppics. The only thing the component does not handle is the column part, you'll need to create 3 column to insert the sliders using the Droppics button.
Regarding the columns, DropEditor can handle that.

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