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  3. Thursday, October 24 2013
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Hello.. I am looking for a system where I can add 2 files to one download entry.. for example, my client wants to offer a .mp3 and a .wav version of the same audio track, and there will be many of these. He also wants the files in categories (or groups) BUT show them all on one page!

- I tried using Zoo Downloads, with a a plugin and this did work, but is very very slow when showing many files on screen together. I really like the look of Dropfiles, but do you think I could get it to work how I want? - Even if it can not do 2 files per download, maybe one of the layouts/themes would cater for a user friendly way to organize this?

Many thanks, James

Edit.. watching the Demo video again, tree structure looks like it could really solve my needs :)
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Thanks for contacting us.
I'm not sure of getting what you mean, but with dropfiles you can add files directly in Joomla articles so you can add a category with 2 files inside one or some articles. Also you can present files with a tree view where the tree accordion is closed by default.

Hope it helps.

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I have in my PC a structure of folders like this:

Folder 1
|--- Subtema A
|--- Subtema B
Folder 2
|--- Subtema C
|--- Subtema C.1
|--- Subtema C.2
Folder 3
|--- Subtema D
Folder 4
|--- File 1

Each folder has more or less 50 files, the question is: can i upload in 3 clics all the files and the structure of this in my dropfiles? And how can i make that?

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The best way to do that is to use the file importer (activated through params) but you'll need to create the structure and upload files using FTP client.

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Hi Tristan. I went ahead and bought the plugin and indeed the tree view solves my issue - I just used Wav and MP3 catagories under each track name. I made some modifications too, to have an html5audio player on the file info light-box, and also to serve the file direct, rather loading into PHP (as some where very large and caused issues when handled the default way.

Very good plugin! :)
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Can I call your uploader inside of a form I have created and create dynamic upload paths?
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If you call an editor with editor plugin you may do that, if not that may require some custom code.

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Same concept, different file type. What if I have an image, but I have different formats. I just want to have the image name once, but you can download an eps, jpg or tif version but I don't want to duplicate the main one.

so it would be like
Picture of Product download: eps jpg tif

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