Wednesday, February 20 2013
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Wow, that looks like a really impressive component. As a photographer i have been itching to have a decent image component for a long time as there still isn't really anything out there that fits all my needs.

On the demo site when you click on the edit icon in the thumbnail it doesn't seem to do anything. Has this been disabled for the demo page?, what should you be able to edit? I'd love to be able to set the crop position of the thumbnail (i'm not sure if this component actually crops the image or just show a small version of it).

It will great to eventually have something that will fill all photographers needs including a private client login to view galleries and an option maybe to buy prints and perhaps a "shortlist" selection so clients can pick the images they like and i'm then notified of what they want. I can but dream!!. Great start though and i'm very much lookign forward to trying it out.
8 years ago

Sorry to be late. About the thumbnails there's for now just a global configuration to define the size (ie 200px x 100px).
But in the version we will add the theme feature with a configuration for each gallery and of course thumbnail size.

If your question is single thumbnail editing, not yet planned! but interesting :)

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