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  3. Saturday, December 26 2015
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I am considering to buy Dropfiles for some Joomla sites i manage.

Is it possible for a user with editor priviliges in Joomla to edit files stored in Google Drive
on our Joomla site, without the user having edit-priviliges in the Google Drive-directory?

i e - can I handle all user administration in Joomla, or do I also have to give all users
priviliges in Google Drive?

I assume that it IS possible to edit files stored in Google Drive in the Joomla-site,
not only view them, correct?

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Thanks for contacting us.
After Google Drive is connected with Dropfiles, you can create Google Drive file categories.
The management permissions in Dropfiles totally depends on Joomla user group permissions (not Google drive ones).

For example, if you give the permission to upload to a joomla User group named "File managers" all the users in this group will be allowed to upload files in categories, including the Google Drive categories.

Hope it helps :)

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Thank you for swift reply.

I also wonder if a user in Joomla can edit a file inside Joomla when the file actually is stored in Google Drive,
a Google document or an uploaded Wordfile etc.


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What do you mean by "edit"? if it's edition like in Google Drive, change the content of the file (like edit a cell in Google sheet) it's not possible.
You only have a preview of Google doc available.

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That was my question exactly.

Thank you for your answer.

Sadly that means that Dropfiles doesn't give what I was looking for.
I don't know if it is possible, if Google allows it, but editing Google docs and wordfiles in Google Drive
inside Joomla is what I am searching for, that would mean that I can handle it all inside Joomla.

Do you know if it works for sites with the Joomla Gmail Authentication Plugin with
a Google Appsdomain (we have Google Apps) is able to use that inside Joomla with
Dropfiles to accomplish what I am looking for?


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Hi Johan,

Unfortunately I don't think it's possible even with any other extension.

To do what you want, you need a link between the Joomla user and a Google user.
Then you need to transfer the rights you have for each Joomla user able to edit files to the Google drive documents you want to edit.
You also need to list the files on your website, like Dropfiles does.

And in all cases you will be redirected to the Google drive interface to edit the file, it won't be possible to edit it directly in your website.

You'll have to code all those features and it's a huge amount of work!

Best regards.
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Thank you for taking time with my questions :-)

Then it would be nice if it could work the other way around - if i have
Joomla Gmail Authentication Plugin with and a Google Appsdomain,
and use Dropfiles to give all users logged in at my site through the
Joomla Gmail Authentication Plugin permissions to edit the files
(since they have edit-permissions already on the Google Drive).

I don't know if I explain so it is possible to understand, and so if
it would be possible to achive....

Well - any way - thank you for your time :-)


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