Monday, August 14 2017
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For our specific use case we would like WP Media Folder to be compatible with the Members plugin. The Members plugin ( allows admins to create unique roles, and also to give each user one or more roles. When restricting media access by roles, WP Media Folder does not look for more than one role. This means that if someone is assigned more than one role, they will only be shown one folder (seems to be the earliest role they are assigned).

Overall, the feature we are looking for is for users to have access to the media folder of every role they are assigned, not just one. If this feature is possible, we would be very interested in knowing when it may become available.
more than a month ago

Thanks for adding your feature request here. We’ll keep that in mind for a future release!

more than a month ago
I'll second this! I was looking for the same type of functionality and was disappointed WP Media Folders only finds the first role. In my case, I am using User Role Editor.

Alternatively, and a more elegant method for me would be to restrict access by Category/Folder. This basically accomplishes the same thing but without having to create several placeholder roles.
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