Monday, February 15 2016
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I would love this plugin even more if it was possible to display custom text, like for example, "No recent Breaking News to display right now..." when you set any particular News Block to only display posts before/after a specified date.

Instead of displaying blank space (or what appears to display a period (".") for me currently) if there is no posts to display based on the settings I set, it can display the custom text mentioned above as a placeholder instead. The News Block would still display a "Title" if one was set as well.

In my particular case, if there is recent "Breaking News" I have set to display after say 01/01/2016, it will display it. If there isn't any news or when I go in from time to time to change the "display after date" and there is nothing new, it will still show the Title I set up "Breaking News" for that section of the page, but then instead of displaying a blank space, I can also show "No recent Breaking News to display right now..." below the title and in place of no recent news. This feature request follows into my next feature request....

In conjunction with you current setting where you can specify any particular posts to display before or after a specified date, it would be more acceptable to also have the option to specify "Display any posts made within the past [30 days/2 months/6 months/1 year/etc]"

This would make it easier instead of me having to go back in ever so many weeks/months/etc to change the date manually in the "Display posts before/after XX date" I can just say, display posts made within the past 3 months for example.

I paid for the premium add-ons for your plugin and was hoping something like this would had already been part of your plugin, but since it is not, I would find it extremely helpful to add the above listed features!!


Thanks for your feedback!
The #1 sound good, I've added that to the roadmap
Will check the second proposition to be included in the addon too.

5 years ago
Hi Tristan!

Thanks for the reply and the consideration! I'm glad I paid for the pro add-ons and can be confident that you will take my feature request seriously!

Any rough estimate idea of how long it could take to see my idea(s) go live in a new update?

My one client would especially be excited to see this work as soon as possible and I also know other clients that would probably be more than willing to also buy their own copy of the pro add on license for their pages.

We can't give dates or guaranties on new features for various reasons.
It mainly depends on the development roadmap we've defined for the developer and problems we may encounter during this period :)
I can only say it's planned for the next major release 3.6 (less than 2 month I hope)

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