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  3. Thursday, July 27 2017
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I would like to have the ability for a category to use multiple themes so that it can be displayed in different ways in different places.
It would also be useful to include a theme option to limit the number of files displayed.
If that can be incorporated into the shortcode, that would be useful.

Some examples:
1. A page showing the most recent (say, 5) files in multiple categories would perhaps use the tree theme for each category (as it is a minimalist theme), but on the category's own page, the full listing would be available using a theme giving more detail.
2. There are widgets which allow display of a page or of a shortcode. With the above functionality, this would be a simple way of having a sidebar widget giving, say, the top 5 downloads in a category, or the 5 most recent files in a category. Again, the widget would need a simple theme, such as the tree theme, but the main category page would have the more detailed theme display.

Thanks for considering these ideas.
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Thanks for adding your feature request here. We’ll keep that in mind for a future release!

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