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  3. Friday, May 27 2016
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Currently the purchaser has no control of the destination of the files uploaded other than the category. Each file is stored in its own directory, of which can't be determine where that is because the link doesn't provide a true path for security reasons.

I've written a batch file that will automatically archive files to a zip and store that zipped file in a certain directory. I was hoping to use dropfiles to display these zips on user panels for download when or if necessary. Right now this isn't possible because we have no control of the physical location of the stored item. It would be nice if the components provided the option to use true paths where the categories generated a true file path and the contents of those paths were displayed on the frontend whether uploaded via the component or not.

It would be nice if creating a category also created a folder and subcategories created subfolders within their parent category/folder, each category/folder having the ability to be assigned to a specific user (not Access Group, tried that with something else and it didn't work).

The reason I would like to see this feature is because I have written a batch file for archiving. Every X days it will automatically export all messages older than 90 days to a zip and store in a designated directory where it will be retained for X years, and then once the zipped file is older than X years it'll automatically delete. If audited or what ever the recipient of this system would need to be able to download the zips. I was hoping to use DropFiles to display the content of the folder these archives were sent to so that they could be downloaded; but it would need to be a true path and dropfiles would be able to show the content of the folder regardless as to how the content got there (in other words even if it was dropped in there via another source (ie: FTP or batch file) and the individual folders/categories could be assigned to specific user(s).

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Or even to designate a root folder and DropFiles automatically load categories & subcategories according to the designated root folder & its subfolders. That would be even better :p
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Choose a root folder for Dropfiles is something that can be done but not so so easy to achieve as all files are indexed in the database.
We were planning to create a tool to sync files/folders from server with Dropfiles. Maybe it would be something that helps in this case?

If you encounter a bug with single user or user group file access restriction, please drop us a ticket, we'll check that out.

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