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  Monday, August 28 2023
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Display file counts in each category.

This can be displayed in the BACK END as a minimum, and as an option to display on the front end, either on display mode or edit mode.

This is essential for people using this with multiple files in each category.
3 months ago

Thank you for your feature request.

We appreciate your suggestion and taking the time to share your idea with us.
We understand the value this feature could bring to our plugin and its users.
We have added your request to our feature request list for consideration in future updates.
While we cannot guarantee immediate implementation, we carefully review all user suggestions to enhance our product.

Your feedback is highly valuable to us, and we'll keep it in mind as we continue to improve our plugin.
If you have any further suggestions or questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

1 month ago
We were going to publish the exact same feature request.

We would love to have a document counter, so that you can see on the overview how many documents are in each category.
I think this will make work so much easier for everyone. I have attached a screenshot to explain better.

On top it would be even nicer, if you can see how many published and unplublished documents you have in each category. I have attached a screenshot to explain better.
Or an option to choose, if the documents of a subcategory are counted on the total number of documents from their respective parent categories or not.

Best regards
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