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My Testimonials: Configuration

1. Testimonials layout

From the component setting, you can select 2 predefined layouts, Vertical or Horizontal.




On this layouts, you can apply some custom design. the following elements can be configured:




And you got a preview of the design from the admin on save.
About the avatar, there's an automatic image resize on upload (to avoid heavy images loaded on hundred of testimonials) and you can setup the avatar sizes and the crop method.




And you can adjust other parameters:

  • Text align: Text alignment
  • Map Type: If the user add a location you can display testimonials on a map, choose the map data provider
  • Date Format
  • Load JQuery: Load JQuery using Joomla framework
  • Load Bootstrap: Load Bootstrap in component view
  • Load Font Awsome
  • Load Map: Load a Google Maps in the testimonial (require an API key)
  • Helper Override: Generate a Joomla standard layout override file that won't be affected by extension updates (in /html folder)




2. Google Company Rich Snippet

The second tab of the configuration is about the Google Company Rich Snippet. The component allows you to get testimonials, if your website is about a company, a brand... you can setup the company information from there.



All those information, along with testimonials, will then be displayed on Google search results and also on Google Maps.




3. YouTube and Google Maps integration

My Testimonial is integrated with YouTube, it means that's once activated from the settings, you can add a YouTube video link related to a testimonial.




It could be a video testimonial for example.




The Google Maps integration allows you to locate all your testimonials and then display a global map with all testimonials locations.