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My Maps location: Jomsocial Integration


The Jomsocial plugin for My Maps location is installed automatically with the main package. Then you’ll find the plugin navigating in the Jomsocial apps. The plugin name is: My Location




In the plugin manager you can configure:

  • Core Application: If it’s a core App or not
  • Caching: Select whether to cache the content of this plugin
  • The map position on the profile view
  • The map zoom level
  • The map size
  • The map provider/type: Google, Bing, OpenStreetmap, Map box, Mapquest and Baidu map



If your application is set as Core application, you can see on your profile your location (automatically added from your Jomsocial address).




Finally you can search the Jomsocial members using My Maps Location search engine called from a Joomla menu. Display and search on the the map the user location around you or anywhere.




Then when you load the Jomsocial member search from a menu you’ll be able to display the dating search fields like above.