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Linky Map: Display Vector Map on Frontend

In order to display your location on frontend you can use:

  • A menu to display locations search or single location
  • A module to display a search field
  • A content plugin to display single location

1. Display a map using a menu

Please go in the Joomla menu manager and add a “Linky Map” element. 




Select a map you’ve created to display the map from the menu. 



2. Using the module

A Linky map module is installed with the component but not activated by default, go on the module manager and open the module with type:



From the module settings you can setup the map to load and force a map size (by default it'll take 100% width).



Display module on frontend:





3. Using the content plugin

You can add a map in any text editor using the editor button. The content plugin allows you to call a map in an article with a visual lightbox.




On button click, lightbox will be displayed then click on the title to insert the map in your text editor.




If you want to add a map in a custom Joomla custom HTML module, make sure the "Prepare content" module setting is set to YES