Layer Slideshow: Image Libraries

1. JoomUnited library

JU Library is an external library we are hosting to give you nice and free to use images. All the images from our library will be downloaded and stored on YOUR server. So you can it as long as you want.
Library is accessible as long as your subscription is valid.



The JU Library contains clipping path images (with transparent background) and background images. Use the check to select one or both.




You can also make a tag search.



Once you’ve selected an image you’ll be able to download it on your server, and to edit it.




2. Icon finder integration

An icon finder integration is also available to load for example social networks icons.



A search engine will then be opened




You can make a request and also use size filtering system.




Then, like in the JU Library tool you’ll be able to download your icon on your server. You also have size download options regarding the filtering defined before.