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Item Rating: Group and Criteria

1. Create a rating group

The main idea of Item rating is to define a set of criteria organized in groups and apply those groups on Joomla article or on some 3rd party plugins. You can create different rating group and define a set of criteria for each group. Click on new to add a rating group.




The category option helps you to define where the rating group will be loaded “by default”. For example, here, “JoomUnited rating group” will be loaded by default in Joomla “Blog” category. But it can be change anytime directly inside your Joomla article.




You can choose a predefine theme for your voting.




The total score title and review summary are the default review title and text added when the group is loaded in the content. Of course, it can be changed in each content to add a custom review. The content is just here to give guidelines and save time to final user, it can be change in each item. 

A parameter is available to display your content in various positions.




A style options can be set to make the design you want without any css code typing.




Use the tooltip to find the place of the element that you are styling. A vote and review parameters are also available to:

  • Display the number of votes
  • The final score type and position



Different final score type are available, the main idea is to make it match with the criteria styles. You also have an integration with font awesome with a selection to choose from.









If you click on the area then on the Droptables button again the table previously added will be loaded.
The global score is automatically calculated depending of each criteria note. A live preview of the final rendering is available in the backend.

A custom css field is also available to apply custom style on group.




2. Manage rating items

The rating items are criteria of votes. You can define a rating title. The rating will be the default one without any other votes




Note: if you do not allow public rate, the score defined here or set in the content will be fixed on frontend

Then you can assign a group where the criteria will appear and a rating design type.




The default number of vote is here to force a number of vote in case of public vote or display a fake vote count on frontend. Final rendering example in article.