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Dropfiles: Search Engine

1. Dropfiles search engine

Dropfiles got it's own search engine, apart from the Joomla search engine. The search engine view can be called from a menu element. Use Menus >> Your Menu >> New button >> In the menu Item Type select Dropfiles > Search file.




Then you'll be able to setup all the search engine elements.

  • Category selection
  • The default search file category on page load
  • Search field display only or search engine + filters
  • Filter by tags: the file tags as checkbox or as search box (the tag can be added on file from the file edition)
  • Creation date range filters
  • Update date range filters
  • Number of results per page
  •  Column display selection in the file search results




2. Dropfiles Joomla search plugin

Dropfiles also got a Joomla search plugin. As files added in articles can be searched by the Joomla default search engine.




In Joomla 4, you can search all files in Dropfiles with Smart search even if those files are not inserted into articles. Just run Index in Smart search and then the result list will be given on the frontend. If the result link is not a link to an article, the link will be the download link of files.