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How to overcome the bandwidth limitation while downloading directly large files from a cloud server?

Normally, when downloading a file from cloud servers, it will be temporarily stored at your server then it will be deleted on your server after downloading completely. However, in some cases, users want to download files directly from cloud servers; especially large files without occupying your server bandwidth. This way could expose the direct link of files on cloud servers. The link will exist within 4 hours with Dropbox and unlimit with OneDrive. Furthermore, the bandwidth could be limited by cloud servers.

Please go these links below for more details:

So to overcome this issue, you should put the code in “wp-config.php” corresponding to your cloud servers.

- Google Drive:




- Dropbox:

define('WPFD_DROPBOX_DIRECT', true);



- OneDrive Personal:

define('WPFD_ONEDRIVE_DIRECT', true);



- OneDrive Business: