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WP Meta SEO: Configuration

1. WP Meta SEO General Settings

From the General tab at plugin settings, you get additional SEO parameters:

  • Home page meta information: useful if you have a home page setup as a blog, in which case you can't define the metadata in your page
  • Meta keywords: activate a meta keyword definition from the bulk view, which can be helpful for multilingual websites
  • Meta title as page title: When meta title is filled use it as page title instead of the content title
  • Meta block editon: enable the meta editor block above your content (post, page or custom post types)
  • Link text field: activate the 'title' field in the Insert/Edit URL box from your text editor
  • Force SEO validation: allows a user to force a validation of the criteria because sometimes the criteria does not fit the content
  • Post/Page index: to say to search engine: hey! Do not index this content!
  • Post/Page follow: to setup Follow/No Follow instruction for each content
  • Use image information from bulk editor: automatically override image information (Alt text) with image bulk editor content
  • Canonical URL: Add an option to force a canonical URL in each content. WordPress handles it by default but it can be useful in some 3rd party plugins
  • Remove category archive: Remove category prefix (category/) in Category URLs




On the 404 & Redirect tab you got redirection-related settings.




  • Global home redirect: Redirect all 404 pages to the home page
  • Custom 404 page: Select the 404 layout page: theme page, the WP Meta SEO page or a page that you created

ADDON version:

  • Run automatic 404 indexation: will launch the internal broken link checker tool at regular intervals
  • Frequency: the interval with which you want to run the broken link automatic index

Finally, the Breadcrumb tab is helpful for user navigation and also really appreciated by search engine when it’s well implemented. WP Meta SEO includes a breadcrumb generator with rich snippet compatibility, separator and text customization, link activation, shortcode and PHP code generation.




Breadcrumb features:

  • Breadcrumb separator: The separator that materializes the breadcrumb levels
  • Include Home: Include the Home element in the breadcrumb
  • Home text: If home is included, you may want to force some text content. By default it's the content title.
  • Clickable breadcrumb: The breadcrumb element can be clickable or not.
  • PHP Shortcode: Generate breadcrumb navigation based on your categories or page levels. The shortcode can be included in theme layouts.
  • WordPress Shortcode: Generate breadcrumb navigation based on your categories or page levels. The WordPress shortcode can be called anywhere in your content.

2. Send Email

This feature is available in the Addon - it is an optional configuration to send email reports with another configuration from WordPress' default send mail functionality.




3. Google Local Business Information

In Wp Meta SEO addon, you've got additional settings to polish your business’ appearance in Google’s search results using the search engine’s Local Business structured data. To update your information, just navigate to the local business tab, insert the relevant data and save your changes.




The update will be effective in a few days (it takes around 2 days). Your business information will be displayed in search results. If some information is not relevant, like the price range, for example, just don't fill that information and it'll still work.




4. Social sharing

From WP Meta SEO settings > Social tab, you can add your Facebook or Twitter url where the content will be shared.




5. Image Compression

ImageRecycle is a 3rd party image compression service:

We've added the service in the WP Meta SEO Settings > Image Compression tab because we consider it's a big performance improvement but it's not mandatory to use it. Our members can get a 20% OFF coupon on all membership from the configuration page.




After installing, you can compress the image and pdf files at left menu Media > ImageRecycle.




For more information you can go here: