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WP File Download Addon: WooCommerce Integration

1. Create a product from dashboard

From the WP File download dashboard, you can quickly create a new WooComerce product. Firstly, you should select a file or a bunch of files, then right-click on that files > select Create Woo Product option




There will be a popup appears, and you should fill in product information fields right away or later on in the WooCommerce Product section. Then click on Save button.

  • Product title
  • Product SKU
  • Product price
  • Product Category
  • Main product image
  • Use other images as product gallery




After a few moments, you can see the popup with a successful message. That's all! Now you can Edit product or close the popup.




2. Simple Product

WooCommerce is integrated in WP File download addon version. Once installed, you will see the WP File download tab on in a product when ticking on “Downloadable” option.




At the tab, you can add several files and set the limitation for them.

Then you can set the limitation for the product.

  • Download limit: times to download, leave blank for unlimited re-downloads
  • Download expiry: days to download, leave blank for download forever




Once a file is added to a WooCommerce product, the “Download” button will be changed to a "Add to cart" button on the frontend.




And the WooCommerce Access limitation is applied right away. Furthermore, you can use the powerful file access control of WP File Download for additional restriction based on user role and actions on files. You can choose one or both on the right panel after clicking on the file.




3. Variable Product

Similar to the Single product, after creating a variable product with its variations, you can go to Variations tab > Choose a variation > Tick on “Downloadable” option. Then Add files to that variation.




4. File order statistic

The ordered files are tracked at WP File download > Statistics and you can see the statistic, filter by files or date also.