WP File Download Addon: OneDrive Integration

1. Microsoft OneDrive Application

The OneDrive integration is distributed as a separate Add-on. It includes OneDrive Personal and OneDrive Business. You need to install this add-on (plugin) additionally to WP File Download. The addon includes integration for Google Drive and Dropbox too. These steps below are applied for both.

First, you need a Microsoft Azure App to connect your website to a OneDrive account. Go to: https://portal.azure.com/, login and click on New registration button.




On Register an application form, setup an app name and copy your website URL into the Redirect URL field and click on the Register button.




Note: The Redirect URIs Server should be https://.

Then you're almost done, from here you have an Application ID (Client ID), only the password is missing. On the left menu, go to Certificates & secrets, then click on the New client secret button to create one. After that, fill the Description and set the Expires for it.




A password (Client Secret) is generated right away after pressing on Add button, then remember to make a copy.




2. Login to OneDrive

Then go back in WordPress admin and click on the menu WP File Download > Configuration > Cloud Connection tab > Onedrive settings section. Paste your

  • Client ID
  • Client Secret




After that, save the configuration and then click on the Connect OneDrive button.




You'll have to validate the access authorization for app access, just click Yes.




The connection should be a success ☺ Then you can create files, folders and subfolders in OneDrive and in WP File Download, everything will be synchronized!