WP File Download Addon: Dropbox Integration

1. Create a Dropbox App

The Dropbox integration is distributed as a separate Add-on. You need to install this add-on (plugin) additionally to WP File Download. The addon includes integration for Google Drive and OneDrive too.

First, you need a Dropbox App to connect your website to a Dropbox account. Go to https://www.dropbox.com/developers and create a new app. 




Then set up an app type "Dropbox API", "Full Dropbox" and an app name.

File categories from WP File download will be added as folders @ the root of your Dropbox account (great for a dedicated Dropbox account). If you select "App folder" all folders/files will be stored under a single folder (avoid the mess in your Dropbox account).



Then you're almost done, your app is created and you got your App key and secret.




If you plan to use Dropbox for a long time, you should choose "No expiration" option at OAuth 2 section > Access token expiration.




And at the Permissions tab, you should set permissions as the image below.




2. Login to Dropbox in WP File Download

Automatic mode

From now, you can save a lot of time while connecting to the Dropbox server. First, in order to use this feature, you have to link your Joomunited account at Menu Settings > General, please click on the WordPress settings link if you have not connected.




Then go back to the settings and just click on Connect Dropbox button on the right corner.




Then follow the next steps to finish the connection.




Manual mode

With the credentials in the previous step, please go to WordPress admin and click on the menu WP File Download > Configuration > Cloud Connection tab > Dropbox settings section. Paste your

  • App key
  • App secret

Then save the configuration and click on the Dropbox connection button.




You'll have to validate the access authorization for app access, just click allow.



Finally, an authorization code will be generated and you'll have to copy it in WP File Download configuration.




 The connection should be a success ☺ If the selected access type is Full Dropbox, then you can select a root folder where files will be uploaded.




Then you can create folders, subfolders in Dropbox and in WP File download, everything will be sync!




3. How it works? What can I do with Dropbox?

How does it work? 

Dropbox can sync folders/subfolders and files on your WP File download interface and the same is possible on the other way (from WP File download to Dropbox).



What are the sync directions?

It works in both directions! You can add a file from Dropbox and see it in WP File Download or add a file in WP File Download and see it in Dropbox. It also means you can manage WP File Download files from your desktop using Dropbox sync software. That’s crazy! Yes we know ☺