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WP File Download: Email Notification


You can find this setting at Menu WP File Download > Configuration > Email notification.

WP File Download includes an Email notification system. It can be triggered on:

  • New file upload
  • File edition
  • File removal
  • File is downloaded




The HTML of each notification is accessible through the Email configuration, menu: WP File Download > Configuration > Email notification > Email notification editor




You can set Email notification will be sent to those or not:

  • File owner
  • Per category
  • Category owner
  • WordPress admins
  • The additional email; for example This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,...




There are some supported tags you can use in the Email content: {category}, {receiver}, {username}, {website_url}, {file_name}, {file_download_url}, {date_upload}. The tags will be replaced dynamically for all your users; ie: {file_name} will become

To enable category-specific notifications, simply click on the Configuration button, choose a category, enter the email addresses in the designated field, and click on the Add button.




And you can set up SMTP for your email in Email notification > Mail Option.