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  2. Feature ideas for WP Media Folder
  3. Wednesday, November 18 2015
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With the MP Media Folder it is only possible to replace image files at the wordpress media manager but it is not possible to replace other media e.g. pdf-files at the media manager.

We are working at an Intranet solution with a knowledgebase for our dental office and if I have some changes at a document I have to replace this pdf-file.

A pity that it is not possible. Think it would be a great help for many users if it would be possible to replace all kind media file at the media manager.

Maybe a suggestion for improvement for the next update ;)
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Sure I got it! I'll add that in our todo list for the next release.

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Hi Tristan

We recently bought this plugin and did some testing today. As we are managing a large number of PDFs, many of which require updates, it is a big problem for us that the replace function is not working for PDFs yet.

Is there any chance you could get this improvement sorted ASAP, and would you be able to tell us the expected timeframe for that, please?


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I'd like to have the PDF replace function as well. This would be hugely beneficial for many companies.
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This is planned for the 3.5 version! coming is less than 2 weeks I hope ;)

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Cool, can't wait! Right now I'm using https://wordpress.org/plugins/enable-media-replace/ with your plugin which works well....but the fewer plugins the better so I'll be excited for you to enable it so I can remove this extra plugin. Might be good to checkout how https://wordpress.org/plugins/enable-media-replace/ integrates now to get ideas on how best to allow it with yours.
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