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Speed Cache: Performance Dashboard

After installing the component a dashboard will be accessible through the menu Components > Speed Cache.




The dashboard checks all the performance issues and enhancements you can apply on your Joomla website. All the parameters, except for Browser cache, can be fixed in one click using the buttons Fix it now.

Parameters checked:

  • Check for Joomla cache activation and duration: check if the joomla cache is activated and time is at least set to 30'
  • Check for Joomla Gzip compression
  • Minification: check you have minified files loaded on your site or not.
  • File group: check you have any file types have been grouped.
  • CDN: check if you configure any CDN server
  • Expire Headers presence and duration in the htaccess file
  • Speed cache URL Autoindex activation: check if the URL automatic indexation in activated in Speed Cache configuration
  • PHP version: check if PHP7+ is in use
  • Browser cache activation: check if the Speed Cache browser cache is activated
  • Auto Clear cache activation: check if the automatic cache cleaner is enbled
  • Expires module: check if the module mod_expires on your server is activated


Note: on some servers like NGINX or with inbuilt CDN, the Expire Headers check may not succeed. It's not a problem for performance as it's already handled