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Linky Map: Vector Map Demo

Create your own vector map

You got 2 main types of maps:

  • Region map, where you can add colored area for state, region of a country or continent of the world for example
  • Marker map, for adding colored points or text on the map

In each map type, you have several display options detailed below.


World region vector maps

World region Map, can be the whole World, a continent, a subcontinent. or a country. All countries and address are available because data comes from Google Geochart. In the vector map bellow, we've added some region like northern america with a custom description, link can also be added.
This map is also fully responsive.


Admin part map edition with preview and suggestions








World region marker map

World map with custom marker, can be any place on any Google Maps address, means everywhere :)
Markers can be point or text


Auto zoom and default zoom level

In case of numerous point on the same area, you got an auto zoom feature available

auto zoom








Plus, on each map you can define a default level of zoom, for example if you want to focus on a particular area of the country

zoom setup








USA state map

The USA region map with a custom color for each state. On this map we've activated the HTML sidebar description option.



HTML content map admin edition

When HTML sidebar is selected, you have access to a WYSIWYG editor to describe location the way you want.



France marker map

Here is a map of France with marker and link on marker.



Germany vector map

Here is a Germany vector map. Location are set as text markers with custom dark background. Location definitions are in a HTML sidebar and in


Netherlands vector map


United Kingdom vector map





Google Maps integration

Here's the help of Google suggest

marker selection


Add a vector map in Joomla content

You have the option to add a vector from a Joomla menu or directly from any editor using a button. A module is also available to load maps.

editor button


Other map source: Custom jQuery Vector Map

Linky Map offers, additionally to Google Geochart global maps a custom jQuery vector map source. It allows more customization on the map and the possibility to upload custom jQuery maps.



Custom Fields on Vector Maps

Linky Map works with Joomla native custom fields system. It means you can create custom fields, custom fields groups, and load it above your vector maps.