Tag Transform, Joomla tag manager

Tag Transform is a module used to display Joomla native tags in various way. Plus, it's compatible with Stackideas Easy Blog and K2 tags.

You can display the tag as accordion menu, dropdown list, flat view, jQuery 3D cloud. Each view is coming with inbuilt theme. Check the different module instance here.


Tag manager video demo




  Display tags as accordion menu


  Tag as accordion menu with "modern" theme


  Display tags as accordion menu with flat theme


  Standard tag cloud with light theme, css only based


  Display tag as dropdown list with tag level or 3D cloud


  backend Joomla tag listing, tag transform respect the tag levels


  Each theme got a lot of display and effects parameters


  Detailled effects for the 3D cloud view

4 2 3 5 6 1 7 8


Main features:

  • Display as menu with 3 styles
  • Reflect the tag levels in menu
  • Display the tag total number
  • Flat view with CSS tag label (ultra light)
  • Dropdown list selection
  • Limit the number of tags
  • Display as 3D cloud
  • Easy parameters
  • Respect the Joomla native tag system
  • Compatible with K2 an Easy blog