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Item rating, Joomla rating and review

My Product Review

Vote for me :): 74.32% - 1477 votes
Solidity: 71.92% - 1209 votes
Design: 70.65% - 1073 votes
Usage: 70.72% - 1064 votes


I can add my review here. This item rating group is composed by rating star voting criteria. The global score is a circle positioned at bottom right. All the rating box is set to be top left in article. There are a lot of display possibilities!

Item Rating is a Joomla extension specialized in rating and review system.

You can create group of rating criteria, choose the vote type, the theme. Then add your criteria and vote. A group of criteria can be assigned to a category.
Votes can be done from backend, from public side or both. You can also limit vote to a Joomla user group.





Group and Rating Criteria

In item rating you can setup group of criteria and assign those group to Joomla items to allow voting on it. For example, setup a rating group with criteria for a car selection and assign by default this group the Joomla "car" category.

rating group


Vote on Admin, Vote on Frontend

User and admin can vote of course, regarding restriction and controls. Admin and frontend votes are matched to calculate a global score. Admin can choose to ponderate the result by changing the score or the number of votes.

backend votes


Mobile Friendly

Item rating is mobile friendly. It's responsive design and you can vote on touch screen. Plus, if the lightbox voting is activated you can setup a highly precise score.

mobile rating


Admin report and vote edition

Admin get report about voting. Report are displayed per item, you have report per Joomla article and his votes, K2 Item and it's vote. On report detail view you get criteria rating details and the possibility to edit the results.

rating report


Design and Themes

The rating design is highly configurable without any CSS or coding skill and the component comes with 4 themes. The major part is configurable from group of voting criteria using selector and color pickers.



Pro and Con in Review

In each rating group you can add a set of Pro and Con. 


Vote restriction

The vote restriction is very powerful and allows you set vote limitation based on:

  • IP restriction
  • Cookies
  • Joomla user groups

rating restriction


Joomla rating system video demo


Key features:

  • Unlimited group of criteria and criteria
  • Joomla articles and K2 support
  • Backend voting report and edition
  • Rich snippet review microdata
  • Backend/frontend voting
  • Voting restriction with Joomla groups
  • Bar view, star view with various icons
  • Up/Down voting
  • Hikashop, Jomsocial, Zoo voting
  • Community Builder integration
  • Live preview on backend
  • Responsive design