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Droptables with Excel and Google Sheets



Excel sheets Import and Export


An Excel Import & Export tool is available for each table. Save a lot of time, import your spreadsheet file, create your layout and publish it. What can I import/Export? you can import all data + some Excel styles or only the data and preserve your table style. The styles compatible for Import/Export are: Cell background color, font color, font size, borders, Links (HTML format).

The Excel data only export/import is really handy whan you waznt to preserve your table style while you update only your data.


Auto synchronization with Excel files and Google Sheets


Yes, you read it right. Upload an Excel file in your media manager or anywhere on your server, link the file to a table from Droptables, and you can make an automatic synchronization of the data. It works with Google Sheets as well. Plus you got an option to activate the synchronization on each table and define the sync delay.

Live demo about Excel and Google Sheets Import/Export/Synchronization