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Modules and editor button

The editor button

The editor button for My Maps location allows you to add single or multiple location right inside your editor in one click.


You have option to:

  • Add one or several locations
  • Define width and height of the map
  • Automatic zoom level or force zoom level
  • Select Google Maps or Bing Maps

The map bellow was added using the editor button. Editor button map with a custom locations selection and automatic zoom.


The modules

My maps location comes with 2 modules type and one editor button. Another modules are available for 3rd party extensions,
Each module can be custom styled. Modules are:

  • A search module (available on the left part of the page)
  • A Map module (available on the left part of the page)



My Maps location, Maps

Black and white styled map

Map box styled map

Purple styled map

Drown styled map

Facebook styled map