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Tables from Database Made Easy

Droptables got a tool to generate tables from a selection of database data. Select some tables, columns from the database, apply some optional filters to your data then preview & generate your table. All the tables created can be managed among others.



Automatic layout

Furthermore you got some sorting, filters, automatic design, pagination automatically applied. This is pretty handy to manage a large amount of data. Check this table generated from the Joomla post table:

2JoomUnited extension demo2018-04-18 12:27:06
17SEO Glossary article demo2019-01-09 07:46:54
18Social Backlinks demo2018-05-07 05:16:30
19Sponsorship Reward demo2015-08-21 11:07:07
20Droppics Images Gallery & Image Manager2020-04-01 12:48:37
23Dropfiles, Powerful Joomla File Manager2023-08-21 03:24:19
24My Maps Location: Joomla Location Search 2020-04-01 13:52:23
25Droppics Default theme2020-04-01 14:06:54
26Tag Transform, Joomla tag manager2017-06-02 06:14:53
27Modules and editor button2014-12-01 11:01:49
28K2 integration2016-06-03 13:54:50
29Module demo2013-12-31 10:26:51
30Linky Map Video & Screenshots2017-08-04 10:19:43
31Dropfiles default theme2022-04-18 17:08:34
32Dropfiles Tree theme2022-04-18 17:18:28
33Dropfiles Table theme2022-04-18 17:11:48
34Dropfiles GGD theme2023-11-20 10:01:24
35Jomsocial demo2015-02-16 18:52:13
36Community Builder demo2015-02-16 18:57:38
37Droppics Masonry Gallery Theme2020-04-01 14:10:58
38Droppics Polaroid Gallery Theme2020-04-01 14:06:57
39Droppics Gallery Slideshow Theme2020-04-01 14:06:59
40Droppics Advanced slideshow theme2020-04-01 14:02:53
41Droppics Heapshot Gallery Theme2020-04-01 14:07:02
42Team Chart presentation2015-08-21 11:04:10
43Team chart default theme2014-05-14 20:26:32
44Team chart circle theme2014-05-14 20:30:08
45Team chart nature theme2015-01-07 10:49:38
46Hikashop - Hikamarket plugin2015-02-16 18:58:41
47Droptables, Joomla Tables Manager Presentation2018-03-27 08:06:19
48Droptables: Table Themes and Charts2023-02-14 15:32:49
49Linky Map: Vector Map Demo2023-03-20 04:51:26
50Item rating, Joomla rating and review2020-05-18 07:39:01
51Joomla article rating and review2015-07-28 06:35:07
52DropEditor, Joomla Editor and Media Manager2017-10-02 09:24:59
53DropEditor Videos and screenshots2015-08-21 10:58:07
54Layer Slideshow videos and screenshots2015-08-21 10:59:21
55Layer Slideshow, Joomla slider2023-10-30 07:39:40
56Full width slideshow2015-04-10 10:18:33
57Google Drive Joomla file manager2016-08-22 08:28:12
58Video gallery demo2020-04-01 14:08:00
59Speed Cache - Joomla Performance Optimization2020-12-10 07:53:16
60Droptables with Excel and Google Sheets2016-08-22 07:21:44
61Dropbox Joomla file manager2016-08-22 08:27:04
62My Testimonials features2017-06-01 05:46:05
63Tables from Database Made Easy2017-02-22 09:21:55
64My Maps Location Contact demo2017-07-20 07:43:20
65Team chart flat theme2018-07-17 08:55:35
66JoomUnited Joomla Extension Demo 2020-04-01 13:56:48
67Dropfiles file manager demo2023-11-20 10:01:54


Database preview

Before generating a table you got a preview of the results and after the table creation you can edit data, change the database source when you want.



Custom filters for your database data

You have some advanced filters to apply, you can restrict the output to some value of the table. Here’s the configuration example of a selection of all the Joomla articles content. You can also define a default ordering for your data.



Video demo: