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My Testimonials features

My Testimonials is the easiest Joomla testimonial extension

Testimonials can be added from backend and from frontend by your clients. You'll get in an instant a set of reviews along with ratings that works with Google Rich Snippet. Ratings counts can customized per category, per pages (latest 10 review from a category).
Rich Snippet integration:

  • Google Company Rich Snippet
  • Rating Rich Snippet
  • Reviews Rich Snippet



Display Testimonials with Multiple Layouts

2 layouts are available for your testimonials items, vertical and horizontal, plus, you can list one or a part of your testimonials as a masonry wall or a slider, 

Dedicated demo page for the masonry layout and module here: MASONRY LIST AND SLIDER MODULE



Build your Custom Design

My The Testimonial display layout is going beyond simple theme, you can even customize all colors of all elements and images. Absolutely no CSS required, it doesn't matter the theme you are using.



Testimonial Frontend Submission

The user testimonial frontend submission is quite simple yet it can be customized regarding access.
Users can submit and edit their own testimonials from frontend, if allowed by their Joomla user group. Plus, you can limit the testimonial submission by Joomla account or IP address.



Google Maps Testimonials Location

My Testimonials comes with a possibility to add a Google Maps Geolocation. The geolocation will help you to display a selection of testimonials on a global map.


Youtube Video Testimonial

You or your client can let a Youtube video testimonial displayed on the testimonial detail. It's simple, copy the video URL, check the preview and you're done.